Understanding soil and water health is essential for agricultural. Our SporSenZ technology and screening services detect both pathogenic and beneficial fungi.

An understanding of the microorganism community can:

  • Highlight the presence of disease risks in soil or water
  • Guide immediate and appropriate remedial actions to stop the spread of diseases
  • Help guide and plan crop protection strategies
  • Track important fungal microorganisms throughout a growing season, advising about future risks and key agronomy decisions (i.e. harvest time, which fields to take to storage, and appropriate crop protection treatment)
  • Understand the effectiveness of chemical or biological pest management controls, and monitor the development of resistance.

Our technology is also extremely beneficial for understanding the health of a field before planting (i.e. pre-season health screening). This highlights disease risks for the upcoming growing season, and if disease risks are known, then it guides rotational decisions about what seed varieties to plant and where. By knowing the key pathogenic risks of the field, growers can decide if seed protection products are needed.

What We Do


SponSenz is the first, in-the-field early detection sensor for plant diseases in soil and water. The device is simply inserted into the soil and the user is alerted to the presence of disease. The sensor facilitates a unique and innovative soil-health screen. Unlike other soil-health analysis services, our products only detect alive and actively growing microorganisms in the field. Therefore, users can truly understand the disease pressures within the soil at any given time, at a fraction of the cost and time of any competitor.


We are an award-winning team made up of plant disease experts that specialise in developing soil-health technology/solutions. We have gratefully received several accolades for our novel approach to sustainable agriculture. Using our passion and expertise, we aim to make soil-health analysis accessible and affordable to all growers.


FungiAlert offers bespoke microbial identification services, including the identification of the primary causing agents of disease in crops. We also offer studies to those wishing to understand more about disease risks across a particular crop growing cycle, or across different seasons. We can also monitor the effectiveness of pest management strategies and analyse their impact on the microbial community.


Our innovative SporSenZ sensor facilitates soil-health analysis that is cheaper than any other service currently available, it is: 

  • Simple to use
  • Cost effective
  • Fast
  • Reliable