FungiAlert's Microbial Discovery Journey

Using the SporSenZ, FungiAlert designs a targeted sampling strategy for a given crop and geography, resulting in a library of microorganisms associated with a crop. This crop-specific library of soil microorganisms contains both pathogenic and beneficial microbes, the beneficials include natural predators to the crop pathogens. By harnessing nature’s response to disease, FungiAlert identifies potential microbial biocontrol candidates in a cost-effective and efficient way, reducing the discovery phase of the development process for biological control products.

Targeted SporSenZ microbial sampling


Genomic analysis & activity studies of microbial candidates


Test in planta & early formulation studies of the biocontrol


Field trials & registration with key partners

In a growing season FungiAlert samples tens of beneficial microbes associated to a crop. These beneficial microbes are active in the crop and geography of interest.
Our scientist carry out genomic analysis and activity bioassays in the prequalified pool of microbial candidates. These studies drive the selection of a handful microbes as biocontrol candidates.
FunfiAlert Lab
The potential of the microbe as a biocontrol product is then tested by formulation feasibility studies and activity on the crop in glasshouse trials.
The product formulation is developed and tested in fields. The final biocontrol product is then registered in the geography of interest.

In the past two years FungiAlert's SporSenZ has sampled active soil microbes from over 1,000 samples of tens of crops worldwide. By designing a targeted sampling strategy for a crop and disease in a given location, FungiAlert collects a prequalified pool of microbes that have the potential of becoming biocontrol candidates. Our approach eliminates the need of expensive high throughput screenings, and within a growing season we discover tens of microbes that are active in the field against disease targets.


Soil samples






Biocontrol candidates

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